Career Advice Video Series

These quick tips from laboratory medicine leaders will help you to lay the foundation for a flourishing career.

1. Jeff Young: Find a Mentor Early

Image of Jeff Young

As a laboratory medicine professional, you will benefit immensely from finding a mentor early in your career, but be sure to enter the mentor-mentee relationship with realistic expectations. Watch Now

2. Dr. Danyel Tacker: Volunteering and Networking Go Hand-in-Hand

Image of Dr. Danyel Tacker

By volunteering early in your career you can show your dedication, while working with laboratory medicine leaders who you might be too intimidated to approach otherwise. Watch Now

3. Dr. Christine Snozek: Learn to Say No

Image of Dr. Christine Snozek

It’s easy to get burned out when you’re new to laboratory medicine and eager to get involved in every aspect of the field. Don’t be afraid to say no to offers and to focus on what’s most important to you and your career. Watch Now

4. David Shiembob: Stay Open to Switching Lanes

Image of Dr. David Shiembob

There are many different paths you can take within the field of laboratory medicine. As you progress in your career, keep yourself open to new opportunities—and to the possibility that your interests might shift from one path to another. Watch Now

5. Dr. Lakshmi Ramanathan: Keep Pushing Yourself

Image of Dr. Lakshmi Ramanathan

As the field of laboratory medicine grows more competitive, it’s important to diversify your skills even as you maintain a particular focus. Watch Now

6. Dr. Imir Metushi: Get Involved Locally

Image of Dr. Imir Metushi

Through your AACC Local Section, you’ll make the professional connections that are invaluable to solving scientific and laboratory practice issues over the course of your career. Watch Now

7. Peggy Mann: Join a Professional Association

Image of Peggy Mann

Peggy Mann encourages young laboratory medicine professionals to find the professional association that’s the best fit for their career needs. As a point-of-care testing professional, AACC has been that association for her. Watch Now

8. Dr. Christina Lockwood: Put Yourself Out There

Image of Dr. Christina Lockwood

When a colleague asked Dr. Christina Lockwood to find a speaker to present on cell-free DNA, she volunteered to give the talk herself instead—and opened up a world of new opportunities as a result. Watch Now

9. Dr. David Koch: Attend the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting

Image of Dr. David Koch

The AACC Annual Scientific Meeting provides early career laboratory medicine professionals and senior leaders in the field with an unparalleled opportunity to meet and learn from each other. Watch Now

10. Dr. Patti Jones: Try New Things

Image of Dr. Patti Jones

Every laboratory medicine professional has been at the I’ve-never-done-this-before stage of their career, so don’t let a lack of experience stop you from saying yes to a great new opportunity. Watch Now

11. Dr. Paul Jannetto: Don’t Underestimate the Value of Networking

Image of Dr. Paul Jannetto

When Dr. Paul Jannetto went to his first AACC Local Section meeting, he didn’t know anybody else there. The Local Section’s members welcomed him, and the connections he made are still helping his career to this day. Watch Now

12. Dr. David Grenache: Deliver on Your Commitments

Image of Dr. David Grenache

If you want to get more involved in the field of laboratory medicine, the first step is to tell people. The second step is to follow through once someone comes to you with an opportunity. Watch Now

13. Dr. Roger Bertholf: Connect

Image of Dr. Roger Bertholf

Connect early on with laboratory medicine professionals who are more advanced in their careers. These vital relationships will benefit you for years to come. Watch Now

14. Dr. Carmen Wiley: Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Image of Dr. Carmen Wiley

If you come from a clinical laboratory scientist or PhD background, going to AACC events is a great way to engage with and glean insight from professionals who work in other sectors of the laboratory medicine field. Watch Now